Painting side of canvas

A Deep Breath

To complete a new painting I need to close off its energy, like a writer using a full stop. My process is to paint the sides of the canvas and sign my name. I guess its like closing the cover at the end of a good book and taking a deep breath.

Little Orange Dots

Hello How are you my friend? I hope this letter finds you well. Everything is changing right now; stories are shifting this world is hurting and so very sad. I think today we need to start with the deepest of breaths, one that goes right down through your lungs and to your toes, like a healing balm I hope it soothes your heart and soul. –I’ll wait Have I ever told you why I paint? It is my place to just be. Where I find connections within my heartspace, where …

Breathing in Hopeseeds

Mixed Media ( Linen Canvas with Acrylic/ Charcoal/ Ink} This is possibly part two of the first paintings story , In life when we take a step back and pause for a deep breath we begin to see the bigger picture, the connections become clearer possible roads appear, Hope Trees seeds are planted – It is in this moment we realise our own bravery our strength beauty and power – It was always inside us .We just have to believe .