My name is Jac. I grew up in a beautiful, small country town in New South Wales, Australia. As a child, I loved being creative: painting, sewing, putting on extraordinary childhood shows for the neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful place to be; it’s where I feel strong connections to community and family. I live a slightly-off-mainstream life, but I generally follow the rules.

I recently rediscovered the healing magic of creating art—the power of painting outside the lines and using creativity to hear the soul and speak from the heart space.

Painting is my main love and I often incorporate mixed media into what I create. I am inspired by nature, other people, life, colour and the physical act of painting itself.

Creating is so essential to my spirit. It is a meditation during which time stops, and it is as vital as taking my next breathe.

I make art based on my feelings and intuition. If I feel it, I go for it. I try to not get too attached to certain areas of a painting. Sometimes in the layering, I even cover my favorite bit up on purpose. I believe this is important. If I don’t do this occasionally, I am staying safe and limiting the potential of what the piece could be if I dare to let go.

I follow what delights me. I believe what makes me an artist is showing up and creating from my true self. I am being the real me.

8 random things

(In case you’re curious.)

  • One

    I am a wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend and listener.

  • Two

    I can get lost in an art store or a bookshop for hours and can’t be trusted to ever come back out of my own accord.

  • Three

    I love bright coloured clothes, flowers and all quirky things that bring happiness.

  • Four

    I am a coffee shop addict.

  • Five

    I practice courage—every day.

  • Six

    My favourite place to be is in my art studio, painting with the music up loud and the warm winter sunshine on my skin.

  • Seven

    I love exploring and wondering “what if?” What if instead of turning right, I turn left and find a whole new world to explore?

  • Eight

    I believe in you, your courage, your spirit, your power.

So welcome to my paint-speckled page, where I embrace the magic of art that has led to my belief in possibility.
Say “hello” and share with me your thoughts.