Arting- quieting the loud

I always thought there was a special power, a talent that you needed to have to create “art”, or to become an artist. To be able to use special tools like a brush, or a palette knife, to create something that then touches someone’s heart.

Then a few years ago, I was in a loud world, where nothing was making sense, the walls were moving, life was spinning, people were leaving the planet, and that wasn’t supposed to be the plan, my heart was broken.  I couldn’t hear for the loud. I needed quiet,  I needed an anchor.

But one day, in the middle of the busy, I looked down; I saw the words written, on this pretty little key ring,  “Believe in Possibility. “

Believe…Believe in the possibility that it would be OK….  it was like taking a breath, breathing in a world with no air.

It wasn’t just the words, or the art, it was the like a warm hug , where the spirit and connections touched my heart .  I decided I needed more; I began researching, watching videos but mostly jumping in and creating.  I started gathering, started collecting words, I went out and bought my first “adult” set of paints, canvases and brushes, I set up a special little space that was just for me. Art was like a set of floaties when I was drowning.

And I created, and created, and created, I was surrounded in paintings, and words, and hope, I got messy, I even began to paint with my fingers, my clothes were constantly speckled, and my hands were most commonly like rainbows of colour .

Then the weirdest thing happened. I started sharing with others, my friends, my family, my paintings, and then these people were touched by the colours, the words, it was like I had created for my people, their own set of floaties , that quietened their noise and touched their spirit  , and they and wanted to have the paintings  for themselves also.

It was in this process, that an understanding came, Its not in the skill, or the words, or in the product where the true spirit lies, it doesn’t even really matter who likes it , when you paint for you , for yourself to quiet your loud ,  that’s when the magic happens.   its in the process , the showing up, everyday, making it your priority, the connections grow,  your spirit breathes and slowly you begin to quieten the noise, so you can hear the wisdom of your own heart spaces .

Art washed from the soul the dust of every day life.Pablo Picasso

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