Celebrating today

Wow, it’s January 2018, How crazy, fast, and amazing is this one life we have, I am sure I blinked for a second, and time has shifted so fast again, so much is happening in my world, since I last wrote a blog, my website has launched,  a few of the paintings that are featured on my site have now gone to new forever homes, and are being truely loved , I now have a wall in an amazing little coffee shop you must visit if you are close by (the coffee and food are amazing ) , and I have launched two magazine style e-books , How crazy is that? I am so very proud, but I need to say, please also remember mixed up in this amazing change, there have been lots of hard challenges, for everyone times can be hard, scary and sad, we wonder how we will get through this moment, but it’s in this moment, where we embrace courage, we take small steps, one foot in front of the other , we breathe, and we look for the small good things, the small moments, the gentle breath of the wind, a strangers smile, a contagious laugh or giggle, or a beautiful song   – in each day there is something that makes it special. You have to look for it. So today I share with you my happy moment, it is my newest and biggest ever painting with my favorite easel of all time –  Take your time look around my space – I hope today it helps you find your happy moments.

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