creating space

When I started to create art, I realized the importance of having a space, making art, allowing your creative process to flow is an honour, it is a space where you can connect, to lean into your whole self and to be present

To do this , it is important to create a ritual and a physical space, giving permission to claim art making as sacred and important.

It doesn’t have to be big and lavish, or even a permanent space, I have met artists who create amazingness from under their houses, or a cupboard, or the kitchen table . Its not what it looks like, its what it feels like.

Everyone is unique, this will be different for everyone.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. Joseph Campbell
If you want to try and create a space here are some Suggestions of Possible tools you may use for your Space.

Signs of life and nature  – Flowers, A bowl of water or a  water feature
Candle _- “By lighting a candle, you affirm that you are opening a sacred space”  – Robert Moss
Motivational words – collect words and surround yourself, use sticky notes, or rocks with mantras on,
Symbols of Beauty- crystals
A cup of tea

  • Sometimes it is on, and sometimes you may need peace
  • Make a play list and gather your favorites together

An opening ritual- marking the time and space, this could be in the form of a prayer, or simply putting on your apron, and taking a deep thankful breath.

Do you have creative space?

Permission Granted.


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