Creating tip sheet

Creating can be messy, complicated, and scary, Show up anyway.
There is no right and no wrong way to create,
So Be Curious, Be Brave, You are enough.

13 tiny pleasures that will encourage your creative spirit.

– Walk on the grass (with bare feet)
– Sit in Silence and focus on Breathing from your core.
– Go to an art Gallery
– Create a relaxation play list and listen to it.
– Go to the beach or a location near water by yourself
– Attend a Yoga /Meditation class
– Sit in the sunshine, noticing the warmth and the feeling
– Get dressed up and go for a coffee date with yourself
– Be gentle
– Switch brushes
– Have a real conversation with someone you trust.
– Dance in your underwear to your favorite song
– Repeat

Embrace your unique self – that is the power

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