Little Orange Dots

Hello How are you my friend? I hope this letter finds you well.

Everything is changing right now; stories are shifting this world is hurting and so very sad. I think today we need to start with the deepest of breaths, one that goes right down through your lungs and to your toes, like a healing balm I hope it soothes your heart and soul.
–I’ll wait

Have I ever told you why I paint? It is my place to just be. Where I find connections within my heartspace, where I am honest and true, exposing worries, telling my stories, my thoughts and feelings. It is my deepest breath. Creating is my way of making sense of the world. For me that is where the magic is.

Over the last little while I have had really awesome art things happening … it has been such an adventure – in a nutshell

– a painting of mine was shortlisted in an amazing Art show in Melbourne It was such an honour and privilege to visit and sit amongst other emerging artists

– I sold another painting… well 2 (yeay)

– I am in talks to potentially be in an art exhibition. (OMG a dream come true)

– I’m working on an open day for the borrowed creative – when the world settles

-the amazing borrowed creative… it’s amazing and ready, check it out, watch my video and fall in love, the photos, the space and know that ‘the borrowed creative is open.

Check it out on Facebook, Instagram or my webpage.

But the dots… even with all this amazing and awesome news that I share, it was the little orange dots in my life that I am celebrating today. Let me tell you about the dots, remember in my adventure above I told you I was shortlisted to an art show in Melbourne, On the opening weekend we went to Melbourne to visit. As part of admission everyone was given an orange dot and invited to place on their people’s choice.

My work was sitting amongst such beautiful work. There was so much talent around but there it was quietly engaging and connecting with people. To my amazement people had placed dots on my name as their choice … Wow…. People were seeing my painting and finding a connection, being touched by the work and placing their little orange dot.

.. So, I really want to say Thank you to anyone and everyone in my world, that has put a little orange dot on my painting in the gallery or a virtual one on my heart encouraging me to keep going…. Today I want to say thank you from the bottom of my soul. For all the orange dots in my life.

. Please stay home, if you can, make a cup of whatever you fancy and go sit in the sunshine, stay safe while our world takes its own giant collective healing breath.


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