My Nanas old twine

Hey there how are you? How is your heartspace?
I’m sorry I have been quiet, lost, I haven’t written for awhile, self doubt had arrived, my inner critics voice was loud, I started asking why am I doing this, my steps faulted, So I took a step back and found some space. I found my quiet. While I was there, I happened across a reel of my Nanas old twine sitting in a draw, I had forgotten about it, but seeing it , reminded me about the importance of connections, belief and trust. I took a deep breathe listened to the direction of my heart, it was suddenly so very clear, I felt it right down in the bottom of my being, I needed to create little reminders for those really hard moments and days, I was drawn to print my art and knowledge onto a set of cards, little pocket sized reminders to share.

I have created them to share with you also , you can put them in your purse, wallet, on your desk – anywhere, they are for you on the days that your steps faulter when you feel alone or lost, they will remind you to take a breath, its going to be OK.
So here we are today, I am launching a limited edition set of these cards, I am so excited they are truly beautiful and unique, they are my art and quotes wrapped in my Nanas twine.
Message me, call me, and find me, you want to know more, or to buy them.  You will love them, they will inspire you, and provide you with hope.

PS I have a secret, its my other project that makes my heart sing … There is a hint in my gallery go have a look … Did I hear you ask what is behind the door? …  I can’t wait to tell you about it. Watch this space it’s coming soon….

Sending good vibes and happiness

– Jac

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